Adapted tours around the island. East - Pico do Arieiro and Santana
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Adapted tours around the island. West - from Camara de Lobos to Porto Moniz
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Adapted tours around the island. Southwest - Calheta and Ponta do Pargo
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Meet Madeira without barriers … a true paradise!
Accessible for wheelchair users Adapted for mentally disabled Adapted for the blind Accessible for people with reduced mobility Adapted for the deaf

It is a privilege to live in Madeira and have the opportunity to receive and share with visitors the island charms and it’s attractions both natural and cultural!

We are an experienced team, highly qualified, professional and creative, attentive to the needs of all our customers.

We provide a personalized, efficient and quality service – flight bookings, accommodation, equipment, organization of single and theme packages, tours and activities – providing unique experiences.

The holidays are yours, trust us to make them unforgettable


Photo of Maria Jesús Brau

Maria Jesús Brau

Zaragoza, Spain

It was a good experience. It would be phenomenal that groups of people with reduced mobility would travel together to Madeira, because the place is very beautiful and offers a thousand possibilities.
I thank you a lot for your help, because without you I could not have done so many things.

Photo of Emílio Rodrigues

Emílio Rodrigues

Intertours CEO

To provide memorable trips and high quality services to all our customers, in particular to people with specific accessibility needs is an honor. Helping our customers to accomplish their dreams and providing unique travel experiences is part of our mission as travel consultants in the market since 1980.

We welcome everyone to visit and enjoy Madeira – it’s traditions, landscapes, culture, gastronomy and nature… Come on over and we will show you!

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